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When it comes to content, ZHURI ensures it is consistently showcasing Africans from the continent and Diaspora of all shades & body types with amazing style.


Content is not limited to fashion as we do

publish beauty, lifestyle and travel. We want to redefine what luxury looks like from the perspective of Africans.

ZHURI only posts high-resolution images and video that can be credited. We take pride in promoting brands that align themselves with the luxury industry no matter their size or tenure.

Aesthetics matter to us as we are trying to show a standard of excellence that come from our community.

Zhuri leads a tribe of fierce african women from all over the globe. ones who love luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle coming from african creators.  our content has connected africans from the diaspora with africans on the continent through a mutual love of quality aesthetics.

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Our content can be consumed in a number of new age ways.  our social media, our website, our membership club, blurb, lulu, kindle, apple books, kobo and barnes & nobles.

we would love to expand our print stockist at your luxury establishment or online store. to find out more



ZHURI offers a 360 advertisement package that puts your brand in-front of thousands of unique followers. from social media ads, web ads, print ads & event coverage, zhuri is here to promote your brand with aesthetically pleasing campaigns.

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